Matteo Brioni provides a wide range of applications for floors, walls and ceilings. The clay earth is selected and mixed by a process that requires experience in building and an eye for the uniqueness of each territory. Resulting in healthy products, pure and natural, pleasant to the touch, able to sinuously adapt to any shape: contemporary surfaces made with traditional techniques.

Matteo Brioni was founded in 2010, with close to 100 years of experience providing service to quality architecture. For Matteo Brioni experience with earth has accumulated over four generations, born in a furnace within the fields of Gonzaga, owned by the Brioni family since 1922.

The work of Matteo Brioni instinctively blends three essential human values:

ETHICS, consciousness and awareness of what is produced.

BEAUTY, the natural beauty of the material, producing a variety of colours and textures.

ECOLOGY, respect for the environment throughout the entire production process, application, and product life. High performance with low environmental impact. For Matteo Brioni respecting the

matter, is respecting the land. Promoting its use and defending its naturalness contribute to harmoniously balance the competing demands of the environment, the people and the market.

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